I’m Paul Scharf.

I’m a self-published game developer with more than 10 years of experience who likes to be independent and create cool things. Mostly working on games, or related tools and libraries, I mainly focus on low level and/or graphical systems as well as visual effects.

This is my blog, GameDev<T>, or Generic Gamedev.

Here I explore, and share my knowledge and experience with the technical aspects of game development. This includes all sorts of low level data structures, use of design patterns, little tricks and hacks, and more. I also write about my main area of expertise, which is visual effects, and sometimes other things I consider interesting.

I’m attempting to take what I consider a modern approach to these topics. While a lot of what I write about can be applied more generally, my favourite language is curently C#, and thus I will write from that perspective. Regarding graphical programming, I like to use OpenGL. I also explore how these two technologies can be best used together.

I also love to discuss these, and all sorts of other topics. So always feel free to drop me a mail or get in touch on Twitter.

You can also follow me on Twitch for weekly development live streams and check out my open source projects on GitHub, including extensive graphics and utilities libraries I am using myself.

Enjoy the pixels!