Taking steps and other useful tilemap helpers

Tilemaps can be a great way to keep track of our game world. While a simple array of tile data at their core, they can be much more than that. Today I will look into the concept of directions in a tilemap, how we can perform local steps between tiles easily, and what more we can do once we are that far.

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Converting between Structs and Byte Arrays

In object-oriented code bases, we tend to express most of not all of our data in highly semantic and contextual ways – that is, we use classes that contain both data and behaviour, and often even more information through inheritance, attributes, and more.

However, sometimes we need to extract the data contained in these types – for example for sending network messages, or saving to disk. In this post we will look into converting between structs and byte arrays, to make exactly this possible.

We will compare different ways of doing so, and analyse them for performance and easy of use.

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